Information Technology

The Will County 9-1-1 IT Department is constantly striving to improve the systems that you as Will County public safety agencies and PSAP’s utilize everyday.

The Will County 9-1-1 IT department staff, although small in number, aspire to deliver large impactful improvements to all the technology systems currently in place as well as strive to find new solutions that make your work environment more efficient.

We are here on a daily basis to provide support and guidance to help each individual Will County entity succeed in deployment and effective utilization of all available technology solutions. We also provide 24 hour emergency support for pre-defined situations and critical system failures.

Future Technology

Will County 9-1-1 IT aims for enhancements of every facet of our technology environment. With that goal in mind we are continuously researching and evaluating new solutions to create a more robust collection of systems. To that end Will county 9-1-1 IT has several projects in progress to provide you with future technology today.

We have begun the implementation of a new data infrastructure consisting of Microwave wireless connectivity. This type of solution is aimed to provide far superior data capacity, reliability and flexibility that the traditional copper wire leased infrastructure a majority of the world uses today.

Another enhancement that is right around the corner is Server virtualization. The IT staff published reviewed and awarded an RFP solution for server virtualization that is currently in the staging process.Virtual environments Reduce IT capital costs by as much as 60% while simultaneously reducing power, cooling and real estate costs. Operationally virtualization increases performance, reliability and server availability.

The most exciting solution on the horizon is the new Motorola Premier one CAD system. This new system is slated to be coming in the next 18 to 24 months and is poised to deliver next generation 911 solutions.

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